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Welcome to VK Dietitan , your number one source for all things nutrition. Vanessa Kotze is a Dietitian based in Groenkloof,  Pretoria.
We’re dedicated to providing you with practical ways of eating as well as effectively reaching your nutritional goals.
Vanessa consults for Geneway, a company that specialises in genetic testing / makeup.


Gastro-Intestinal Health
Dietitian understand the complex nature and science of an irritable gut and look at what will be the effective way to alleviate your symptoms.

Pre and Post Operative
Nutrition plays a key role. The better your nutritional status is before surgery, the better your body is able to heal after surgery, which means a shorter recovery time. Several weeks before surgery is the time to begin increasing protein intake. This helps to build up both your strength and your tissue.

Weight Management
Dietitians are experts in the art and science of nutrition to help you lead the healthy lifestyle you’ve been striving towards. Let us help you lose or gain weight in a healthy and practical way.

Cardiovascular Health
Specializes in supporting people to choose healthy eating habits and active, positive lifestyles to optimize cardiovascular health and overall well-being through preventive nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy.

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Life Groenkloof Hospital
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