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About Us

The Look Guide was designed and developed in 1991 by Marion Zeegers of The Concept Factory, a business consultancy in Pretoria. The core business of this consultancy was advising small to medium businesses in the area of business strategy, business plans, marketing plans and advertising strategy.

Through continuous exposure to a wide range of small, localized businesses, it soon became evident that most of these businesses had a very similar objective in promoting themselves in their local area of influence.

Once this requirement was matched with the need of the public for information regarding local service businesses, the Look Guide was born.

The Look Guide was designed as a service to the public, but which at the same time achieved the objective of local small and medium businesses. The concept proved extremely successful, and areas such as distribution have been perfected over the last 32 years.

The Look Guide offers the public an easy to use information service within their area, and should the Guide not contain what they are looking for, an Info line has been set up (during office hours) to provide public access to our extensive database of local products and services.

The Guide enjoys a retention rate of 70% with its clients, and the business strives to improve distribution continuously. A well-known reliable printer in Pretoria, Iconic, with whom The Look Guide has enjoyed a long relationship, takes care of the printing. ADdirect, Pamphlet Express and various other distribution companies are our distribution partners, ensuring blanket coverage of selected geographic areas. Additionally, distribution partners include PostNets, Spar Supermarkets, Spar Tops, Spar Pharmacies, West Pack, old age homes, residential estates, and schools.

Public surveys are regularly conducted to test retention and response, and personnel of the company are always prepared to go the extra mile to render both the public and clients with superior service and reliability.

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