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“About a month ago I visited my friend Lehandré at her brand new practice in Pretoria, The Family Optometrist. It was time to have them eyes checked out 👀

Lehandré and I have known each other since 2011, but this was the first time in 9 years that I got to see her do her thing.Flip. She conducted that eye test with so much grace and professionalism while patiently explaining to me that: “No, there is no ‘wrong’ answer here.” On top of that I learned that my cornea is showing early signs of cholesterol... who would’ve known? Next Shane and Lehandré heroically guided me through my frame-picking crisis. Here on this photo I’m strutting the one we chose.

My top takeaway from the whole experience was this: It’s good to see passion at work, isn’t it? Sometimes we have to tred a few rocky roads when pursuing (what we hope will be) the right career path. And yes, I agree that each type of work will have its frustrations. But I still believe that there is a sweet spot hidden somewhere for all of us: A work environment where we feel more at peace.

I think TFO found theirs. Thanks guys :)”

Rhoda-Ann Botha

"I'm happy with the service. I'm happy with my glasses. Thank you very much"

Lawreen Sefufula

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