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About Us:

Reds Advertising is suppliers of high quality corporate gifts and corporate clothing to businesses of all sizes. Here you will be able to find everything from diaries, calendars, tshirts, caps and corporate wear to stationery and electronic goods, branded with your company logo and details. They are eager to assist you in getting your brand out there, so contact them today for a free quote! Their main focus is to provide an effective and affordable advertising vehicle to business, organization and brands in order to reach their target market.

They are a customer led company aimed at providing creative concepts and ideas to improve a business, organization and brands position in it's particular market. Using marketing disciplines such as general advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and sponsorship. Their goal on all advertising is to attract the target audience attention that creates an interest by establishing feelings of desire to bring about an action to purchase a service or product and to be without equal in integrity, sincerity, service and quality, specializing as an advertising and printing practitioner.


  • Reds Graphic Design and Printing 

Your one-stop shop in Kempton Park, Johannesburg for graphic design, printing, gifts and clothing, digital marketing, exhibition stand design and building. For all your graphic art needs from designing a logo and business card to a 3D exhibition stand. They have vast experience; nothing is too small or too big.

  • Outdoor Signage and Vehicle Graphics

Importantly, Reds are experts in design, print, applying and installing street signs, vehicle graphics and truck curtains. They will design WOW graphics to attract the person's attention for your trailer or billboard at a reasonable cost. You only have 3 seconds, therefore the design must have an impact and be simple to read.

  • Build & Position Your Brand

Their focus is to enable business leaders and marketers to build their brands and help sell their products and services.  Therefore, They will create an integrated marketing plan to create awareness and help position your brand in the marketplace.

  • Digital Marketing

How do they enhance your digital presence & reach? Firstly, they develop an effective digital marketing strategy. Secondly, They implement your social media platforms. Thirdly, their website development team create an awesome website with search engine optimisation (SEO). Moreover, the marketing integration process will incorporate magazine/press adverts, online digital adverts, digital marketing, social media posts and articles, website design and SEO,and send out email marketing campaigns regularly.

  • Exhibition Stands – Design and Build

Why use them? They have over 20 years of experience! As a result, they will design and build your custom, system, or portable stand for the best exposure to a captive audience that money can buy.

  • Corporate Gifts and Clothing

Build your brand and sell your products or services by using corporate gifts and clothing in your marketing mix.

  • What are the benefits of using Reds Corporate Gifts and Clothing?

Excellent service, professionalism, expert advice, we go the extra mile to achieve your deadlines. 

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