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Welcome to Vina Leas Occupational Therapist, a specialised paediatric occupational therapy practice located in Pretoria East, conveniently situated behind Life Wilgers Hospital. Our practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to children aged 0 to 16 years who face developmental delays, scholastic challenges, and emotional difficulties.

At Vina Leas Occupational Therapist, we are deeply passionate about paediatrics and pride ourselves on offering a wide array of specialised services tailored to meet the unique needs of young children and adolescents. Our team of experienced occupational therapists collaborates closely with families and caregivers to create personalised treatment plans that promote optimal development and improve quality of life.

Services We Offer

Paediatrics (including babies and toddlers)
We provide holistic occupational therapy services that cater to the developmental needs of infants, toddlers, and young children, promoting their physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. Our therapists are trained to assess and address a variety of developmental challenges to help children reach their full potential.

Developmental Delays
Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments to identify developmental delays and formulate targeted intervention plans. Through structured therapy sessions and home-based exercises, we aim to enhance motor skills, sensory integration, and overall functional abilities.

Sensory Integration
We offer specialised sensory integration therapies aimed at improving sensory processing abilities, crucial for children’s learning, behaviour, and social interactions. Our sensory rooms and therapeutic tools provide a supportive environment for sensory exploration and regulation.

School Readiness
Prepare your child for academic success with our school readiness programs. We focus on developing essential skills such as fine motor coordination, visual perception, and self-care routines to ensure a smooth transition into school life.

Our therapists provide tailored interventions to support children with dyslexia, addressing reading difficulties and promoting literacy skills. We utilise evidence-based strategies to enhance reading comprehension, spelling, and phonological awareness.

Mental Health
Emotional well-being is fundamental to overall health. We offer therapeutic interventions to support children dealing with anxiety, depression, or behavioural challenges. Our goal is to foster emotional resilience and positive coping strategies.

At Vina Leas Occupational Therapist, we are committed to empowering children and families through education and support. We believe in a collaborative approach, where open communication and partnership with caregivers play a vital role in achieving therapeutic goals. Thank you for choosing Vina Leas Occupational Therapist as your partner in nurturing your child’s development and well-being.

Map & Directions

21B Beuke Place,
The Willows


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