About Us

PostNet was founded in 1994 when there was an urgent need in South Africa for an operation that could deliver a range of efficient business solutions.

Today, PostNet is SA’s largest privately owned counter network in the document and parcel industry, trading across over 450 owner-managed retail stores. PostNet serves in excess of 75,000 'walk in' customers per day, countrywide. There are five product types within PostNet; Courier, Copy & Print, Digital, Stationery and Mailboxes.


  • Courier
  • Copy & Print
  • Digital
  • Stationery
  • Mailboxes

Map & Directions

PostNet Blue Hill

PostNet Grey Owl

PostNet Kyalami

PostNet Waterfall Corner

PostNet Waterfall Ridge

Contact Details

011-318-0458 PostNet Blue Hill

012-661-0959 PostNet Grey Owl

011-466-6046 PostNet Kyalami

010-021-5929 PostNet Waterfall Corner

010-448-0031 PostNet Waterfall Ridge