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Prinnie Naidoo Physiotherapist

About Us:

Prinnie Naidoo is a physiotherapist situated at The Family Practise. Prinnie Naidoo Physiotherapist is a health care professional who helps her patients achieve maximum range of movement and physical ability, either by developing it in the first place, or restoring it after loss of physical ability due to illness, injury, or aging. She uses electrotherapy, medical acupuncture and dry needling, manipulation, mobilization, massage, and prescriptive exercise to help her patients.

When taking on a new patient, she will take the patient's history and perform a physical examination, and will then develop a treatment plan tailored to the patient's needs. Some of the treatments that Prinnie Naidoo use is as follows:

  • Massage to ease soft tissue pain
  • Mobilization or manipulation of joints
  • Exercises to strengthen weak areas
  • Cold to reduce inflammation
  • Heat to increase circulation
  • Ultrasound therapy to ease muscle spasms
  • Electrical stimulation to help muscles contract that cannot do so effectively on their own 

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The Family Practice,
356 Seventh Road,
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