About Us
I am.

The two most powerful words. What you put next to it, defines you…

I am
a single mommy of four children
a widow
called by my profession

The calling has found me after the murder of my husband in 2016.

I started my work as a funeral planner at Sonja Smith Funeral Group after the funeral of my husband, and the birth of our son shortly after we said goodbye so suddenly…

It is a sacred work. A privilege to sit in the dark with families during their worst times – to be some form of light in that darkness. I understand loss. I understand trauma. I understand the path of grief that follows, as I have built my life around this path myself.

Midstream – in the midst of a stream of grief, shock, sadness, I have found the light of hope. Hope lives amidst the stream of life. To care, to love and to have compassion, are the cornerstones of this new life after loss.

In my view, it is just as important to celebrate a life, as much as it is crucial to say goodbye, to be able to move forward and treasure the memories.

Let your memory leave a legacy. It is my privilege to capture those memories, and turn them into treasures.

Mariandra Heunis – Owner of Midstream Franchise

Personalised Funeral Services
Cremations at Private Crematorium
Registration of Death
Funeral Insurance
Acceptance of Funeral Policies from other Institutions
Baby Hearse
Bespoke Funeral Programmes
DVD Recordings
All Floral Requirements
Catering and Refreshments
Private Viewing Room

Operating Areas
8 Midlands Office Park,
Mountain Quaray Drive, 
Midlands Estate,

Contact Details
Mariandra Heunis 084-421-1980
24 HOURS 062-483-5165

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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