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Robert Macfarlane is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist with Master's Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. He has experience in hospitals in South Africa and England and has maintained a private practice in Johannesburg since 2012, offering psychological assessments and therapy.

Robert provides neuropsychological and psychological assessments tailored to understand neurological or psychiatric disorders, offering support, psycho-education, and recommendations. He receives referrals from attorneys seeking comprehensive reports for medico-legal purposes, as well as from doctors, insurance companies, and aviation authorities.

In therapy, Robert assists clients dealing with various life difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and interpersonal issues. He offers individual therapy for adults and teenagers, incorporating psychological theory and therapeutic approaches within a confidential and supportive environment, aiming for positive shifts in thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Please note that Robert Macfarlane holds Christian beliefs, which shape his values and philosophical outlook.


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