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We all have visions for the future of our home, like changing a window to enjoy more of the garden or installing the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of or simply doing that long-put-off maintenance to retain the value of your home and ensure that it remains a welcoming and safe haven.

Handyman Hotline is a contracting company that can do all that and more for you. We are a team of guys with tools and ladders who can build and fix things. Our solutions are handcrafted to give you the solution you want and need for your home, and not just another copy and paste replica from a catalogue.

Since 2002, we have spent our days successfully completing several hundreds of projects, large and small. We’ve hung doors, plastered and painted walls, tiled floors, fixed roofs, built structures and undertaken many other projects in their hundreds. Our strength lies in our hard-earned expertise, and attention to detail we give in making a reality the home owner’s vision for his or her home.


  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Building & Renovations
  • Carpentry

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