B.Sc Hon (Biokinetics), Pg.DIP Pain Management

After having spent 5 months in ICU, my mother needed compassionate but focused biokinetics in order to regain mobility and balance, and to learn to walk again properly. Riana van Wyk Biokinetics continues to do an amazing job with my mother, with the additional benefit of doing it in the comfort of her own home. Riana’s services are highly recommended.

Riana van Wyk has been my Biokineticist for more than 10 years. She has academic professional degrees and diplomas in this field and continues to extend her knowledge in new and related fields. Intelligent, informed and insightful, she is able to assist her patients to better understand their medical or physical problems as well as their deeper emotional, spiritual needs. She has enhanced my life as advisor, mentor, friend, support and therapist. When patients require further information, she is able to lead them to experts in the required fields and support them in their quest for health on every level. Superiative

Riana van Wyk is an excellent Biokineticist who has helped me very much with my spinal pain and Fibromyalgia syndrome.

I started being treated by Riana in the March of 2015. Over the time I have grown to admire Riana as a professional as well as an individual. Riana is extremely committed to her profession, to keeping herself abreast of new developments in her field and to assisting her clients way beyond the call of duty. Riana is diligent and hardworking; presently she is studying pain management while also developing her own consulting practice. I was really ill when Riana started treating me and I have made great progress in healing since then. Riana has grit and persevered with helping me through both the tough and the good times. Her awesome sense of humor always helps. Riana is going to do very well in her career and it is a pleasure to recommend her.

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