Dr Mark Stonestreet: M.A. (Clin Psych.) (Ph.D) (RAU), Practice Number 8616264
Dr Mark Stonestreet

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Currently, Dr. Mark Stonestreet consults as a Clinical Psychologist, emphasizing the management of personal problems encountered by people. However, should the situation require it, longer term support and therapeutic management is offered. His approach and style is that of a Problem-Solving Therapist, with the emphasis on brief therapy. Additionally, he is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, with skills in emotional and rational management, behavioral pathology and mindfulness. He has extensive experience in the management of systems, including marital, family, scholastic and commercial systems.

Therapeutic work includes:
• Problem Solving outcomes-based therapy
• Cognitive Behavioral therapy for psychological disruptions and disorders
• Relationship and Marital therapy
• Behavioral issues arising in the domestic, business and scholastic arena
• Career Guidance (scholastic and adult), Personality Profiling and Psychopathology Assessment and Management Programs.
• Psychological Skills Training, including mindfulness, emotional management, problem solving skills are available.

Dr. Mark Stonestreet is willing and able to address all nature of psychological and behavioral problems, including the management of issues relating to Stress, Mental Disruptions (including Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Management), Trauma, Communicating and Relationship Management, Marital Crises and Adolescent Issues. Additionally, he has an established knowledge of the effect of significant psychotropic medications and accompanying complimentary therapeutic techniques.

Working with Dr. Mark Stonestreet you are invited to work within a warm, relationship oriented environment, where personal responsibility and self-management is sought. Emphasis on participation and engagement with one's prevalent problems and personal difficulties are worked through to effective outcomes and salient solutions. Cross referrals are encouraged to other medical professionals including relating Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Physicians where necessary. Pertinent diagnosis is a consideration, and effective treatment plans are stipulated. The client's needs and preferences are always respected.

Dr. Dr. Mark Stonestreet is an experienced therapist who has been in private practice for over twenty-five years. Prior to establishing his practice, he has worked in a clinical and training setting – which included personal training, assessments and trauma work. Dr. Mark Stonestreet has extensive experience with trauma and was closely associated within the human resource management of the aviation community. Since then, he has been involved with community interventions and crises management and has assisted in establishing highly successful counselling centers in Johannesburg North – including those associated with Bryanston and Grace-Point Methodist Church and Rhema. Additionally, he has presented several courses over the years at schools and community forums of differing description on - Grief, Anger Management, Emotional Abuse, Gender Differences in the Educational Setting, Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety Management, Emotional Intelligence, Keys to Restoring Broken Relationships, Marriage Seminars, Connecting and Life Changes as well as The Problem of Personal Pain (and many others).

Dr. Mark Stonestreet has also been involved with Industrial Psychology – including selection and placement of candidates for specialized positions - most pertinently the aviation community including major commercial airlines, and air traffic control. Additionally, he has been involved with private research for selected companies as well as Profiling and Human Resource guidance. Lastly, within his frame of reference and process of working with business personal, selective Life Coaching and Self-Management has been a prominent part of his approach to commercial problems and human resource interventions. Included in this description are vocational changes and challenges, relationship dilemmas and difficulties and profiling for effective self-management.

Dr. Mark Stonestreet
Clinical Psychologist (HSPCA registered)
Undergraduate Studies
Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, Sociology and Industrial Sociology (Wits)
Postgraduate Studies
Honours Degree in Psychology (RAU/UJ)
Masters in Clinical Psychology – RAU/UJ
Doctorate Studies RAU/ UJ (D. Litt.et.Phil – Psychology)

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