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Wiid Orthotics and Prosthetics is a Orthotics and Prosthetics practice based at 19 Silver Pine Avenue in Randburg, Suite 207, Mulbarton Medical Centre, 25 True North Road, Mulbarton and 58 Clinton Rd, Alberton. At Wiid Orthotics and Prosthetics they strive to give their patients the ability to lead more active and independent lives.

By working with other members of the rehabilitation team or individual healthcare practitioners to create a treatment plan and orthopaedic device for enhancing quality of life. Whether this means manufacturing a prosthetic limb to allow a baby to walk for the first time or a walking frame to help someone keep walking for a little longer. They aim to give each patient individual attention and work with them for the best possible outcome.

  • Orthotists- design, build, and fit braces, supports, orthopaedic appliances, wheelchairs, and corrective footwear. They also repair and maintain appliances that break or wear out.
  • Prosthetists- design, build, and fit replacement limbs, such as arms, legs, hands, or feet. They also repair and maintain appliances that break or wear out. 

Additional Information:

Using orthoses in the management of fractures has evolved from a “last-resort” treatment to common practice. Acceptance of functional fracture bracing as a routine treatment has not been without controversy. Using an orthosis for acute tibial fractures, and thus allowing joint motion, was a 180-degree reversal from the accepted methods of the times - rigid immobilization with no weight bearing

Skilled application is important, and numerous articles, videos and brochures describe and illustrate procedures. However, several critical points are often missed and/or diluted when discussing how to brace tibial fractures. Several successful, clinically proven prefabricated fracture braces are available.

However, without an understanding of the philosophy, indications and contraindications, clinical practice, patient instructions, skin care, etc., these prefabricated fracture braces will lead the inexperienced to unsatisfactory results and an incorrect condemnation of the method. Simply stated, knowing who to brace is as important as knowing how to brace.

Supports and braces provide protection, reassurance and soothing heat therapy following an injury. Orthotics & Prosthetics Associates supplies a complete range for the: ankle, knee, calf, thigh, wrist, thumb, elbow, back, shoulder and groin. We utilize specialised braces and materials, with intelligent designs for targeted support, comfort and reinforcement where it is needed most.

Neoprene supports lend themselves to the shape of the wearer with Velcro straps and lace up systems for a customised fit. Out of the entire range, knee braces are the most technologically advanced. Specialist types include arthritis knee braces, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee braces, sports knee braces and knee straps.

Compression garments, such as a sleeve for an arm or a stocking for a leg, is an important way of controlling lymphoedema and Varicose veins. They put pressure on tissues to stop fluid build-up and encourage fluid to drain. Your compression garment should be fitted by a specialist to make sure it’s effective. If it’s too loose, it won’t help with drainage. If it’s too tight, it’ll restrict blood flow.


  • Foot Orthotics
  • Custom Bracing Solutions
  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • CTI Bracing
  • Sport Bracing
  • Compression Stockings
  • Walking Aids
  • Wheelchairs
  • Medico Legal Reports
  • Orthopaedic Shoes

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Suite 207, Mulbarton Medical Centre
25 True North Road


58 Clinton Rd,


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Randburg: 084-083-1234
Mulbarton: 060-667-0368
Alberton: 011-869-7449

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Website: www.hopa.co.za

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