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After spending years and years and thousands and thousands of Rands at traditional medical practitioners, Dr. Joanne managed to work out “what was wrong with me”.

Before I met Dr. Joanne, I was down with the flu, bronchitis or pharyngitis almost every month. My employers and boyfriends hated me. And, all the traditional doctors did was prescribe antibiotics and cortisone and send me off with a pat on the bum until I was back a month later. To boot, my stomach was a mess and I suffered from constant cramps, daily diarrhoea, bizarre weight gain, IBS as well as almost-suicidal fatigue and depression. I just figured I was a sickly person that wanted to sleep 14 hours a day and had accepted my future as a rather sick and quite frankly, annoying person.

After a bout of swine flu, which had ruined my long-planned overseas holidays, a friend recommended Dr. Joanne to me.

That referral was probably one of the best things that could have happened in my life, ever.

Dr. Joanne saw me in the thick of the December holidays 2014 and was incredibly kind and patient, despite my obvious scepticism and thinning patience when it came to doctors of any kind. I had just been on 3 courses of antibiotics and was taking 30 tablets of cortisone daily with no reprieve. After Dr. Joanne saw me, I was better within 3 days using only natural supplements.

Dr. Joanne continued to treat me for my other ailments and finally managed to diagnose a severe thyroid problem (Hashimoto’s disease), which was most likely caused by my celiac disease (diagnosed by a specialist short while later). Once I’d received my full diagnoses, Dr. Jo has been treating me in conjunction with a specialist Endocrinologist as well as a Gastroenterologist to ensure that I take a holistic (and not only clinical) approach to my overall health. Dr. Joanne has made me mindful of the soul, mind and body connection and treated me as a whole person. Some sessions were incredibly clinical and practical and others were more like spiritual-release interventions as I worked through some of my personal issues that contributed to the 3 autoimmune diseases I have (I have Vitiligo too by the way). No doctor has ever treated me with such kindness, care, concern and authenticity as Jo. She’s a no-fuss doctor with the right balance of clinical experience and real anatomical knowledge coupled with a spiritual and emotional understanding that makes her a truly rare creature.

Since Jo’s begun to treat me, I have lost weight, gained muscle, have better eating habits and take regular supplements to maintain my now-healthier immune system. I really doubt I would be where I am today (which is healthy, happy and thriving) without Jo’s care, constant guidance and magic potions.

Jo’s been in it with me in the long run and it means the world to know she will always be there for me. She has made me happier, healthier and STRONGer than ever before.

Veronica Botes

Dr. Joanne Pautz has such a remarkable talent of getting to the root of issues. She not only helps to correct imbalances in the physical body but also tends to the emotional and mental issues that are linked to our illnesses. She brings you into perfect understanding of the what you are going through in a calm and authoritative way that makes the healing process a beautiful journey. Highly recommended.

Michael Coyle

I love working with Dr Jo to explore where I am at and where I am heading- with my health, my work life and my family. My health took a very serious knock some years back, leaving me physically, emotionally and financially depleted. It’s been an incredibly empowering journey coming back to health and wellness on so many levels. Sessions with Dr Jo are fluid and open- drawing in whichever therapy or modality suits my needs best at that moment. Sometimes it’s a blood test that is needed; or maybe a homeopathic remedy; and other times, fresh perspective is all that’s required, which Dr Jo delivers in a timely, straightforward and compassionate manner. The skill set and tool kit available through Dr Jo to support my journey is varied and vast, and very affordable!

Natalie Stobaus

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