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About Us
Dr Nai’m M Moola is an integrative psychiatrist in Johannesburg with a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders, adult ADHD and addictive disorders. Having gained valuable experience of over 10 years treating adolescents and adults under acute inpatient approaches at Life Riverfield Lodge and Life Fourways hospital, he currently incorporates a holistic outpatient approach working closely with his patients empowering them in their recovery with the focus on maintaining wellness and minimizing readmissions.

What is Integrative Psychiatry?
Integrative psychiatry views an individual as a whole consisting of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects. Therefore, integrative psychiatry is a holistic approach that uses both conventional and complementary therapies in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The goal of this approach is to allow health and well-being on all levels.

Treatment Programme
Therapeutic Programme

Elements included in programme:
Milieu Therapy
Individual assessment
Individual, group and family therapy
24-hour specialised nursing care
Electro-convulsive therapy (if indicated)
Out-patient programmes
Treatment of concomitant medical and psychiatric conditions
Occupational therapy
Aftercare programmes

The multi-disciplinary structure consists of:
Consulting psychiatrists
General Practitioner specializing in Addictive Disorders
Occupational therapist
Psychiatric nursing staff

Operating Areas
Office 306, 3rd Floor,
Sunset Square,
7 Sunset Lane,
Cnr Sunset Boulevard,

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Website: www.drnmmoola.co.za 

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