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About Us
Reto is a self-supporting, non-profit organization with a biblical Christian basis.  Reto Functions as a Christian community and was founded in order to give hope to and to meet the needs of those entagled in drug addiction.  Reto began in Santander, Spain in 1985 and has since extended into twenty other countries.  The word Reto is a Spanish word for challenge, but the name is actually derived from the abbreviation of two Spanish words, Rehabilitacion Toxicomanos, (Rehabilitaiton of drug addicts).

Reto SA first opened its doors in Johannesburg in January 2011, offering free and immediate help to people with problems with drugs, alcohol and those in general need who live on the margins of society.

How does Reto work?
Reto operates as a self supporting work program.  This means that the program is financed and maintained through the jobs we do in our various workshops including carpentry, mechanics, antique restoration and electro-domestic repair.  We also receive donations in the form of furniture, house hold items, brie and brae, etc. from the local community.  

Everything is fixed, restored or made in our workshops as well as the donated items are then sold in our trade and in charity shops.  This is how we reaise the funding to sustain the needs of the people involved in teh program.  The work we do also provides an ideal opportunity for learning skills and a trade that can later help each person towards a successful reinsertion.  It also gives those in the program a greater sense of worth, responsibility, and usefulness knowing that their work helps themselves and others.

Free of Charge 1 Year Recovery Program,
All Addictions,
Christian Based,
Free Collection of Donated Goods,
Reto Boys Restore & Upcycle Furniture,
Car Restoration,

Operating Areas
40 Vermeulen Street,
Lilyvale Agricultural Holdings,

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