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At Creighton & Associates, we stand by both Employees and Employers navigating workplace conflicts. Recognizing the urgency of resolving disputes swiftly and impartially, we specialize in mediating and arbitrating conflicts. Our representation extends across the Bargaining Councils of South Africa, the CCMA, and the Labour Court.

We're driven by a dedicated commitment to each client's case. Creighton & Associates facilitate equitable disciplinary inquiries and streamline retrenchment procedures.

Ensuring fairness in the process is paramount for both employers and employees, crucially impacting the employment relationship. We provide comprehensive guidance on rights and obligations during disciplinary actions, retrenchments, or mediation. Our belief is that seeking legal advice promptly upon the emergence or contemplation of an employment dispute is essential. We aim to clarify what might seem intricate to most, making it understandable and significant for those seeking our counsel.

Navigating a labor dispute can be complex. At Creighton & Associates, we pledge to navigate this path with you, advocating for your cause fearlessly. Your best interests are at the core of our approach.


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