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About Us

Pretoria Dog Rescue (PDR) is a registered Non-profit Company and was founded by Celia van Zyl to assist with the staggering number of stray, neglected, abused, homeless and suffering dogs in our country. During the past year we re-homed so many dogs (and cats) that would have had a very uncertain future without our help.

At this stage we rent privately owned kennels situated in Thaba Tshwane, always full to the brim with dogs in desperate need of protection and care. Some of these dogs were surrendered to us, or were found as strays. Or their owners simply moved house, leaving their pets behind. We always try to find the owners of stray dogs first, but often these homeless doggies end up as our responsibility.

We are totally pro-life, and will not put any animal down unless it is so sick or injured that it is absolutely beyond help. We have stepped in on numerous occasions to help dogs that were hit by cars and left to die, or where owners could not afford veterinary care. Our vet bill is extremely high and we are totally dependent on donations. We often have to send out pleas for help with special cases. Although we have a very kind kennel owner, charging us the lowest possible fees, our monthly kennel fees are still extremely high. We also provide food for a number of dogs in the community and in foster care. Thus our kennel fees and need for dog food remain a constant challenge.

We have so many heart-warming success stories of our rescued babies... enough to fill a book. And that is why we will never stop reaching out and rescue an animal in need.

We rescue any dog or cat in need, we nurse them back to health, vaccinate, sterilise, deworm, microchip and rehabilitate them and put them up for adoption.

We aim to educate and train children in our kennel area to love and care for their dogs. It is one of our dreams to have our own facility where we can have a clinic and also educate these kids.

We are actively involved in feeding and sterilising animals belonging to less fortunate people, who love them, but cannot care for them. This also requires huge amounts of money which we have to raise.

Pretoria Dog Rescue would like to work in conjunction with companies or individuals who also care about the plight of animals in our country, and will be willing to assist us in making a difference in the lives of many animals, giving them a second chance.

Immediate needs:

• Volunteers to help at our kennels
• Foster parents for our dogs/cats
• Donations such as food, blankets, dog kennels, wooden pallets, food bowls, collars and leaches, pet toys
• Monetary donations

Operating Areas

Pretoria Dog Rescue services Pretoria & surrounding areas.  Please contact for further information.

Contact Details


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