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Why Choose a Marriage Officer?
While some couples are already affiliated with a church or place of worship, and already have their trusted religious head lined up for the task, others don’t necessarily have such contacts and will now need to set out to find a great marriage officer to officiate their special day.
Non-denominational, Civil Union Marriage Officers will also marry individuals who have been married before, couples who both want their different and individual religions incorporated into their ceremony, and same-sex couples.

What is a Marriage Officer or Officiant?
Someone who is registered with Home Affairs and designated to legally marry South African citizens and/or non-South African citizens in South Africa.

Info and Documents Required to Get Married in South Africa
Getting legally married can sometimes be very overwhelming and stressful. Allow us to assist you in streamlining this process, by guiding and helping you every step of the way.

Do I Need to go to Home Affairs?
Luckily not! This forms part of our service for you. We go to Home Affairs and submit your marriage register for them to be able to update your new status on the Population System.

Can Marriage Office Marry Anyone?
The South African constitution allows for officiants to marry couples under either the Marriage Act or the Civil Union Act. This is dependant on the designation of the Marriage Officer.


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