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The primary function of a biokineticist is to improve physical wellbeing and functioning through exercise as a modality. When physical wellbeing and functioning is impaired rehabilitation is used to improve quality of life. Corine Swart Biokineticist has a very big interest in the movement of the human body and that is why she became a biokineticist. Her journey started in 2013 when she did a diploma in Sport and Exercise Technology and simultaneously shadowing at a biokinetics practice where her love for rehabilitation grew even more. She obtained her diploma in Sport and Exercise Technology in 2015.  She furthered her studies in 2016 and obtained her degree in Sport and Exercise Technology but still wanted to improve her knowledge of the human body, specifically in rehabilitation.  She obtained her Biokinetics degree in 2017 and in 2018 completed her internship at Lizanne Dreyer biokinetics. Then in 2020 she decided to open her practice. She is very passionate about what she does and therefore she strive to continually improve her rehabilitation techniques.

When should I contact biokineticist?

  • If you suffer from a chronic disease like, heart disease, high cholesterol levels, high bloodpressure & arthritis.
  • If you suffer from an injury which continue to cause difficulty moving or functioning.
  • If you are have a recurring sport injury.
  • If you had surgery and are finding it difficult to recover fully.
  • If you suffer from orthopedic conditions that prevent you from have a good quality of life.
  • If you need improvement in your general physical abilities through exercise.
  • If you need exercise as part of a weight management program.
  • If you are sedentary and need to increase your physical fitness levels.

If one or more of the above is true for you call a biokineticist today and find out more about their programs to assist  you.

What is a biokineticist?

Biokinetics  is derived from the words “Bio” (life) and “-Kinetics” (movement). A Biokineticist is, a clinical exercise specialist recognized by and registered with the Health Practitioners Council South - Africa (HPCSA), devoted to improving your physical well-being and quality of life through individualized clinical assessment and the scientific prescription of exercise. Application of exercise as preventative and rehabilitative treatment. Biokinetics play a role in the management and prevention of cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary, cancer, psychological, neurological, orthopedic, wellness and sports conditioning aspects. So whether you are recovering from operation, an injury, building strength for competition or just looking to building a stronger   healthier body biokinetics is here to help.

How does a biokineticist differ from a physiotherapist?

Biokineticist do second phase rehabilitation where a Physiotherapist do first phase rehabilitation.  After injury you should visit  the Physiotherapist first to decrease the swelling and gain or restore full pain free range of motion. There after the Biokineticist will prescribe exercise  to strengthen and stretch the involved muscles to return you to sport or everyday activities.


Initial consultations- 60 minute consultation including the following:

  • History of the injury
  • Anatomical analysis
  • Muscle specific testing
  • Active testing 
  • Discussion of an exercise program
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

Follow up session(s)- Work with Corine Swart Biokineticist, an experienced biokineticist, for 45min to keep you motivated as you progress from week to week through your custom need program.

DNA specific exercise-  They offer DNA specific exercise prescription to all clients trying to exercise to their fullest potential. This test can be done at DNAlysis or any DNA testing kit regarding sport. After the test result has been received the client can take the test results to them for analysis on the results and recommendations on exercises.

Discovery vitality fitness assessment​​-  They offer Vitality Fitness Assessments as one of their fitness services. You can earn up to 7500 points per fitness assessment. 

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