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Transforming your garden into the spirit of their soul:

The eye moves instinctively towards the harmonic, believes Grant Adam. Thus a beautiful body can easily be overlooked if it is poorly dressed. Similarly a fine, elegant house can disappear into its surroundings without appropriate landscaping.

Grant's artistic vision is underpinned with a pragmatic acceptance that one has to work with the material at hand. "Above all, one has to be flexible", he says. "How else can one transform a very ordinary piece of land into something striking and beautiful? It doesn't immediately come to one. It is not a magic process. Often I have to go away, relax, open my mind and let the ideas flow. There are some basic elements: geometric forms, the harmony of shapes and textures, the blending of colours and the use of focal points. It is so much more than merely laying down lawn and putting in plants."

Often the aesthetic boundaries are more important than the physical constraints and limitations. Landscaping has to compliment the style of the buildings. A thatched house, for example, looks great with an African theme. On the other hand it could be returned into an English cottage with suitable traditional treatment. A Tuscan house would carry off an Italian theme. "It takes years of experience to avoid costly and disappointing discord," says Grant.

Experience is something Engadini - which is the Zulu word for garden - has in abundance. Grant's perfectionist nature is reflected in the quality of his work and that of his expert team. Then there is the painstaking service rounding off the other qualities of Engadini's quality product. Engadini has repeatedly shown its capacity to tackle large and prestigious international, regional and national projects. The company's portfolio extends through landscaping and interior decorating.

Over the years, Grant has won national and international awards for his creations. While the company has achieved rapid growth and international distinction, it has resolutely retained its contact with smaller clients in its home city of Pretoria. Thus, in a typical week, grant is happy to find himself dealing with a glitzy five-star hotel in Tanzania one day, subtly rearranging the natural beauty of a game farm lodge the next and then flying home to supervise the finishing touches to a small Japanese garden in an Eastern suburbs townhouse. It is this combination of technical expertise, passion and versatility that will make Engadini your partner in creating a dream environment.

Engadini Landscaping & Interior Decorating Services:

  • Interior landscaping:

Engadini creates interior elements that flow seamlessly into the outdoor features. The experience should be like walking from one room into another. At all times the landscaping compliments the architecture of the building.

  • Residential landscaping:

Properly executed this will become the most important space in your home, with everything living around it. Engadini accents the practical as much as the beauty. The selection should emphasis durability

  • Town landscaping:

Efficiently used, limited space need not to be a liability. Engadini makes an asset of your "lock and leave lifestyle harmonizing functionality and creativity. Clean lines and clever use of space avoid any sense of clutter

  • Water features:

Creating the most satisfying blend of senses: sight, sound, and smell are best left to the experts. With subtlety and sensitivity. Engadini uses water to bring harmony and peace to any garden.

  • Irrigation & enviro-misting system:

Engadini uses state of the art irrigation and enviro-misting systems. Grant Adam skilfully disguises edge technology with a sense that Mother Nature has done it herself.

  • Garden illumination:

A big chuck of your landscaping expenditure will go into lighting. Engadini devises systems that dramatically underscore the most striking features of your garden while enhancing its security. Your investment makes your garden accessible at all hours, turning your garden into a 24-hour feature.

  • Embassies:

The residence of any ambassador or diplomat should reflect the country they represent. The garden should therefore be nothing less than a beautiful piece of your country in ours. Using your own indigenous plants wherever possible. Engadini will create a striking presence that makes an unmistakable mark on the host country.

  • Office landscaping:

Your place of business must reflect your status in the market and do credit to the corporate image you have spent so much time and money developing. Engadini intimately understands the importance of corporate identity and will use its expertise to project yours to best effect.

  • Formal landscaping:

In addition to the clean, orderliness this style brings to your living space, there is a bonus attached to the classical garden: low maintenance. Engadini knows this will appeal to the highly disciplined, perfectionist who customarily opts for this style.

  • Environmental landscaping & planning:

This is where landscaping began. The trick is never to gild the lily. Engadini gracefully returns an area to its pristine charm using indigenous and, where appropriate, endemic plants to restore the space to what it would have been before man’s heavy tread

  • Themed landscaping:

By walking into your garden you should be able to walk into another world. Throughout the ages people of means and of culture have used their gardens to transport themselves to places fondly remembered or merely imagined. Among the themes Engadini specializes in: Tuscan, Modern, Japanese and Indigenous.

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