MBBCh (WITS) FC DERM (SA) Practice no: 0120000384275

DrNooriMoti RandburgRosebank Dermatologist

About Us
Dr. Noori Moti is a qualified medical doctor practicing as a professional dermatologist. She is situated in Illovo, Johannesburg. She is highly skilled and can attend to all aspects of dermatology, from general skin conditions including acne, Roaccutane, age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation to sun protection skin care, aesthetic medicine and Laserderm.

Our Values
Insight is echoed in her guiding mantra – "The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the skin is the window to within." Dr Moti is passionate about all aspects of dermatology, from general skin conditions to sun protection skin care and aesthetic medicine.

Dr Moti feels a strong responsibility to work towards the wellbeing of communities less fortunate that herself. She demonstrates her inclination towards goodwill by being an active member of The Caring Woman's Forum – an organisation that raises funds and goods for various charities.

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35 Ferguson Road,

Contact Details
fax: 011--341-0581

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