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Biokineticists are human movement specialists who prescribe exercise programs either as a preventative measure for injury or illness, or to correct a health issue such as an injury, recovery from a disease, illness, or operation. The 3 main pillars consist of orthopedic rehabilitation (strengthening of muscles to protect joints during sport activities and everyday living, improving range of motion, muscle and joint pain etc.), chronic rehabilitation (cardiovascular, arthritis, diabetes etc. disease management) and wellness (weight loss, lifestyle, and stress management).

CJ completed his studies at the North West University (NWU Pothcefstroom) in 2018. He then completed his internship at the Blue Bulls Company in 2019 where he was fortunate enough to learn a great deal about high performance orthopedic rehab and sports injuries. He also part time worked at Tirsa Pittaway Biokineticist as intern where he saw a wide variety of patients and took in as much knowledge as possible. In 2020 CJ started as an independent practitioner where he lived out his passion and never stopped learning.

He believes that experience and research are two fundamental aspects of his rehab. He wants to keep his rehab evidence based and unique to every individual. Helping people is his passion. He won’t rest until he has done his best!

Chardone’ graduated from NWU Potchefstroom in 2017 with a degree in BSC HMS and Physiology and completed anhonours degree in Biokinetics in 2018. In 2019 she did her internship at Netcare Centre for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics and the Lions Rugby Union. With this internship she developed an interest in both the orthopaedic and clinical aspect of the biokinetic field. In 2020 she worked at Anel Odendaal Biokinetics as a registered biokineticist, where she did extra courses to become more specialized in different joints of the body.

Chardone’ has a passion for working with people and believe a difference can be made. Research and practical experienceare important aspects in her rehabilitation process. Give her a shout if any of the below mentioned are required.

Services provided by CJ&Chardoné
Assessments (orthopedic, clinical or wellness)
Rehabilitation (orthopedic, clinical, wellness or high performance)
Conditioning and high-performance training
Fitness assessments (Vitality + Multiply)
Body composition (Body fat %)
Weight management
Strapping and taping

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