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TheSpectacleFactory Bedfordview Optometrist

About Us
Sameera Hajat is an Optometrist at The Spectacle Factory based in Bedfordview.

Individuals are often unaware that their visual problem exist due to it not always having obvious symptoms.  Diagnosing and treating it at an early stage is important to maintain visual health and preventing visual loss.

What we assess
Ocular muscle functionality
Assessment of "squints"
Refractive errors
Ocular reflexes
Visual strain on electronics
Focusing ability of the eyes at near and far
Reading ability
Colour vision
Binocular vision
Retinal exam assessing general eye health
General health of the eye for contact lens wear
Contact Lens fitting
Hard contact lens fitting
Glaucoma test
Blood pressure and glucose check

What we offer
After hours consultations at no extra charge
Full range of spectacles and lenses at competitive prices
Full range of contact lenses
Delivery of spectacles and contact lenses to your door
24 hour assistance
Contracted to most medical aids

Operating Areas
23 Nicol Road,

Contact Details

072-786-8154 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.