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At Firefly Landscape & Design, we meet with our clients to discuss a concept that best suits your current lifestyle & existing garden layout.  We have a professional team of skilled craftsmen that will prepare the beds for planting, build design elements & complete work on time leaving you with a beautiful garden. 

Our philosophy at Firefly Landscape & Design is to convert a construction site with hard surfaces such as concrete, bricks and mortar into a stunning natural garden environment where man and nature can co-exist. We strive to design gardens that attract and sustain natural wildlife, incorporate indigenous plants and trees, conserve water and create a green space for families or employees to enjoy. Each garden is uniquely designed to engage the senses and specific plants are chosen to provide interest throughout the year.

Our Services

South Africa, especially Gauteng, is lucky to have one of the world’s best climates. Our weather allows us to enjoy the sunshine throughout the year. Our gardens are little havens of space to relax in after a hard week at the office or workplace.

Soft Landscaping

  • At Firefly Landscaping we strive to develop beautiful gardens that will add value to your property - be it residential or commercial.
  • Our designs suit a range of budgets from simple, yet effective to imaginative and detailed high spec gardens.
  • We are involved with all aspects of garden design and implementation, including sourcing plants, large and small scale planting, lawn maintenance, hedges and shrubs.
  • Changing the soft elements of the landscape can be an easy way to change the entire look of the outside of the home or building.

Stone, Timberwork & Paving

  • Firefly Landscaping has an in-house team of highly skilled and talented craftsmen who are able to build bespoke elements and hard landscaping features to create a unique look and feel in your garden.
  • Such as:
    • Timber pergolas.
    • Tree houses.
    • Trellising.
    • Bird feeders.
    • Water features.
    • Paving.
    • Edging.
    • Bomas.
    • Fire pits.


  • We also offer professionally designed and installed high-end irrigation systems which can be automated or manual.
  • A well-designed irrigation system is a prerequisite for maintaining your garden landscaping all year round.
  • An irrigation system is far more water efficient and effective than hand watering as it is designed to spray water evenly over the garden for a specified time and at a time of day when evaporation is least.

Garden Maintenance

  • Firefly Landscaping offers a professional garden and pool service or landscape maintenance service to residential and commercial clients in the Gauteng area.
  • Focusing on Midstream and surrounding estates for residential maintenance and Gauteng-wide for commercial and corporate maintenance.

Social Responsibility

  • Firefly Landscaping supports environmental preservation and sustainability in everything we do.
  • We are actively involved in the Save Our Planet initiative started by Willow Feather Farm, where we sponsor indigenous trees and tree planting for the benefit of our community.

Commercial Landscaping

  • Firefly Commercial Landscaping offers individual solutions for the landscaping requirements of your new office space or commercial development.
  • We are experienced in providing quality workmanship, working to deadlines and delivering the best service to all our clients.
  • We are able to work in conjunction with landscape architects, developers and construction companies in producing a high-end and long-lasting green space.

Residential Landscaping

  • Have you just moved into a newly built house or are looking to give your existing garden a revamp?
  • Firefly's residential landscaping team can assist you in creating your dream garden using your existing space and lifestyle requirements to create a functional and practical outdoor living area to suit the needs of you and your family.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Firefly Maintenance offers a professional garden and pool service or landscape maintenance service to residential and corporate clients in the Gauteng area.
  • Our focus is on providing a premium service to our clients to ensure that their gardens are kept in the best shape.


Operating Areas

Firefly Landscaping & Design services in Centurion East.

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